Variants for ChromaCubes

Unwrapping Gifts

In this variant, you start with four dice, and add a new die whenever you complete a figure. Use the Gifts puzzle.
Each player start with the Yellow, Orange, Red, and Purple die. Play as usual, but whenever a player completely fills in a gift, that player gets to select an additional die (of any color) for the rest of the game. Roll this die (as if it had been used and set aside in the previous turn). In this way, you may end up with multiple Yellow dice, for example. Once you've added a die, you can't change your mind - it's yours for the rest of the game.
You should end the game with seven dice (when you complete the fourth present, the game ends). Calculate scores as usual.

Playtester feedback:
"[W]e liked that you got to choose which die to take based on what you needed at that point in the game. We also like the theme of "Unwrapping Gifts" - getting a die as a gift for completing a figure! All in all, it was a fun variation to the game."
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